Phoenix Pastificio

Located in a little brick building by Strawberry Creek Park in Berkeley, Phoenix Pastificio crafts some of the best fresh-cut pasta, breads, and cookies in Northern California. Owners Eric and Carole Sartenaer work with a small dedicated staff to craft a variety of prepared pasta sauces from local, seasonal, and organic ingredients.

The Rustic Olive Baguette here offers a well-textured crust studded throughout with plump kalamata olives as sweet and juicy as cherry tomatoes. Spectacular seasonal specialties here include Stinging Nettle Pasta (wonderful when served with a simple sauce of chevre and chives) and amazing almond macaroons during the holidays.

You can also find Phoenix pastas, breads and sauces at various farmers markets throughout San Francisco Bay Area including on Clement st. in San Francisco. Their “Big Dipper” biscotti pictured below is definitely designed to resurrect your spirits.