Earth Day Shelters Online

For the past half century Earthday has been a call to action for earth stewardship. This year, with a global pandemic as its backdrop the event will mark its 50th anniversary with the first Digital Earth Day designed to address with equal urgency the threats from both disease and and climate disruption. 

According to Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network. “Whether it be coronavirus or our global climate crisis, we cannot shut down,” Instead, we must shift our energies and efforts to new ways to mobilize the world to action.”

This year, with the goal of “leveraging the global power of innovative digital media platforms to mobilize millions in a collective call for transformative action for our planet,” Earthday is now being coordinated across various digital platforms, events, virtual protests, social media campaigns, and online webinars an teach-ins. The full scope of Earthday’s digital actions will is available at

Though Earth Day Network is postponing its live 50th anniversary on the National Mall from April 25th until October 24-25th, the goal of Earth Day remains unchanged: to unite hundreds of millions of people around the globe to pressure our world leaders to act on environmental degradation and climate change.