Don’t Charge Immigrants!


Like its attempt to undermine the birthright citizenship granted by the 14th amendment, the Trump administration is now trying to enact a new Public Charge Rule regarding immigration policy. If enacted, the rule could be used to prevent people who use public assistance from becoming legal permanent residents of the United States.

Because one in four American children have at least one immigrant parent, this new rule could impact millions of people, forcing families to give up the subsistence programs their tax dollars already help support.

Before the Public Charge Rule can be finalized, the administration is required by law to review and respond to every unique public comment they receive. A coalition of groups led by an organization called Protecting Immigrant Families has emerged to help facilitate public feedback and protest. The site serves as a way for those potentially impacted by the rule as well as those who choose to speak on their behalf, to tell the government precisely how the loss of public services would effect their lives.