Regenerative Organics

 The Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) standard launched last year is designed to establish a comprehensive agricultural standard for: soil health, ecological land management, pasture-based animal welfare, and farm labor rights.

Led by a group of non-profits and conscious companies including The Rodale Institute, Compassion in World Farming; Demeter International, Fair World Project, Dr. Bronners, Patagonia, Grain Place Foods; Maple Hill Creamery; Textile Exchange and White Oak Pastures, the newly-formed Regenerative Organic Alliance is working to establish a standard of ecological and ethical agriculture that will encompass the collective issues of factory farming, climate change, and economic injustice.

The goal of the Alliance is to recognize and reward farmers for regenerative organic practices including water and bioidiversity preservation, soil stewardrship, and carbon drawdown. Rather than simply graft a few regenerative principles onto an existing industrial farming system, the standard is designed to cultivate and sustain an entirely new agro-ecological model.