Mo’ Mochi

Berkeley’s popular Third Culture Bakery, home of the original Mochi Muffin, has debuted a new seasonal collection of some of the bakery’s most popular flavors. There’s Ube, made with sweet Japanese matcha from Kyoto, Churro, crafted with traditional Canela cinnamon from Mexico, and a seasonal Mochi Brownie made of rich cocoa powder from San Francisco Bay Area’s TCHO Chocolatiers.

Third Culture Bakery has been using Mochiko rice flour from Koda Farms, California’s oldest family-run rice farm, since it first created its Mochi Muffin back in 2015. Today its mochi products are found in its Berkeley showroom as well as dozens of cafes and shops throughout the Bay Area.

In addition to its baked goods, Third Culture’s intriguing beverage offerings include a refreshing Passion Fruit Matcha Sparkler (hand-whisked matcha poured over passion fruit puree), and a Roasted Matcha Plover that combines toasty matcha tea with a scoop of Chantilly whipped cream.