Black Sears Zinfandel


Black Sears vineyards lie nestled high among wild oak forests at the very top of Howell Mountain, one of the loftiest localities in all of Napa Valley. Far above the fog-line, at just over 2400 feet, this is the highest vineyard on the mountain and is farmed both organically and biodynamically. As a result, the site is able to produce some of the most concentrated, spicy, and intriguing mountain-grown Zinfandel in California.

With a deeply purple yet opalescent hue, Black Sears Estate Zinfandel is also a beautifully crafted wine fully able to expresses the unique character of its lofty site. Each sip is like quick trip up to the top of Howell mountain with a picnic lunch in tow.

Inside that briary picnic basket you’ll find delicate hints of five-spice, white pepper, anise, (all reminiscent of a well-seasoned roast), blackberries, eeven a few forest mushrooms, wrapped up in its vinous version of a silk napkin. But ultimately its the altitudinous acidity, like the brisk breeze of the mountaintop itself, that keeps all these exquisite flavors so lively in the mouth.