Pisoni Chardonnay


The Santa Lucia Highlands are one of the crown jewels of California viticulture. The  appellation encompasses over 6,000 acres of vineyards, most of them planted on verdant elevated terraces not far from the Monterey Bay. Spanish missionaries were the first to recognize that the dynamic daily weather patterns of these wind-swept hills were ideal for viticulture. Today, the AVA is home to vineyards that produce some of California’s most vibrant fruit including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah, and other grape varietals

In 1982, Gary Pisoni planted his namesake vineyard, one of the highest in the region. The southeast-facing vineyards here rise to elevations of up to 1300 feet above the valley floor. Each day the vineyards are able to soak up a few hours of morning sun before a crisp afternoon breeze comes in from the sea to chill the vines and slow down the ripening process. This gives the fruit the time to develop its subtle character and depth of flavor.

Produced from three small blocks, Pisoni’s Lucia Chardonnay is the fruit of the family’s longstanding commitment to sustainably-grown wines of intense vitality and character.

The Pisoni and Franscioni families have joined forces to farm this site, taking full advantge of the benefits the sandy, boulder-laden loam soils have on the wine. The brightly acidic fruit grown here is hand-picked and sorted, fermented with native yeast, and finally aged in French oak barrels.

Pisoni’s 2018 Lucia Soberanes Vineyard Chardonnay showcases the stunning vibrancy of grapes produced from vines grown in rocky, granite-laden soil. First offering palate-teasing mineral notes which open up into more subtle accents of ripe pear and citrus blossom through a long and nuanced finish.