Hunger Goes Viral

The global pandemic is having a range of impacts on farmers, farmworkers and the food supply, exposing food insecurity around the world and revealing vulnerabilities in both food production and access. The pandemic also makes tragically clear how dependent we all are on safe, reliable and healthy sources of food and on the wellbeing of […]

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HIgh Above Napa

  On a crest of the Mayacamas mountains high above Napa Valley, surfer-poet-farmer Bill Hawley of Random Ridge Winery is offering Sip In Place deals on his top-flight, high-altitude wines. Its not just the lofty vineyard site, but also Hawley’s longstanding determination to root healthy vines into the rocky soil far above the fogline that […]

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Feeding Soil Communities

Healthy soil, like a heathy stomach, benefits greatly from a well-balanced and organic diet. But to feed the soil of your garden in a ntruoly regenerative manner requires patience and discretion. Not unlike the human community, the dietary demands of a microbial soil community can vary widely. Some microorganisms remain dormant until they are called […]

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Mobilize Love

In response to shelter-in-place orders Mobilize Love, the first and only non-profit food truck service in the San Francisco Bay Area, will be distributing free meals to various neighborhoods throughout the city of San Francisco. The organization already deploys a fleet of outreach trucks which provide underserved children access to basic human services, which also […]

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The Bitterness of Cocoa

According to the “Cocoa Barometer,” a biennial review of the state of sustainability in the global cocoa market, many of the world’s key cocoa-growing regions, particularly in West Africa, are dealing with levels of poverty and deforestation that have only worsened due to a rapid fall in the price of cocoa. Despite the widely publicized […]

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