Global Local Spotlight

The pandemic shines a global spotlight on the failure of our industrialized food system. It reveals how a system designed to distribute on-demand “food-products” via a centralized supply-chain perpetuates food insecurity and permits those who grow and craft food to remain among the most vulnerable members of our society. It also underscores the urgency of […]

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Pisoni Chardonnay

  The Santa Lucia Highlands are one of the crown jewels of California viticulture. The appellation encompasses over 6,000 acres of vineyards, most of which are planted on verdant elevated southeast-facing terraces not far from the Monterey Bay. Spanish missionaries were the first to realize that these wind-swept hills were ideal for viticulture. Today, the […]

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Art of Tea

  Throughout the world a cup of tea is prized as one of life’s great pleasures. In China during the eighth century, drinking tea was considered one of the “polite amusements”, a pursuit akin to poetry. In Tibet there is a distance referred to as a “cup of tea” which is defined as the length […]

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Heirloom Art

The work of artists inspired to celebrate biodiversity will be on display at the Art of the Heirloom exhibition at the National Heirloom Expo. Held each September in Northern California, the Expo is a gathering of gardeners, food activists, educators, and farmers from around the country offering sources and lectures on heirloom seeds, the threat […]

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