Trump Warns The Future


 “First, I just wanna say that I’m sorry the Future couldn’t be here today to join me in making this announcement. I know that many of you in the press are making lots of excuses for the Future, saying all sorts of things like: “Oh, its the Future! How can it be here today!” and many other unfair things, but frankly, and I think everyone would agree with me on this, I think it shows a great deal of cowardice on the part of the Future not to be here today and also a tremendous lack of courage, frankly.

But I will say this that, despite the fact that the Future has been a very bad actor. Very bad. That’s right. I will tell you that I just had a very important meeting with the Future and it has assured me that it has complete confidence in me as its President and of  course, I want to thank the Future for those very, very kind and supportive words.

And I also must tell you that the Future has also personally assured me that from now on it will do absolutely everything within in its power to provide only very best  possible outcomes to all of my future presidential decisions, including those I have made in the past, and that is, of course, a very, very encouraging thing and a very positive sign, and I want to thank the Future for that today as well.

But just to be absolutely certain that there is no doubt whatsoever regarding the promise that the Future has already made to me, I am going to take this opportunity right here and right now to advise the Future to be very, very careful indeed from this point forward about the kinds of things that it decides to let happen regarding any actions I may take during the remainder of my presidency. Very careful indeed. That’s all I’m gonna to say at this point. Thank you all very much.