Lamb Runs For Congress

Today, standing beside his personal attorney Robert Wolf, longtime Farmington resident Brent Lamb officially announced his intention to run for Congress.   

“I believe I am the best candidate in the entire field” said Lamb. “I come from a  tight-knit farming community with longstanding and deeply-rooted principles.

My folks are the kind that would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it. I’m always exploring new ground and  will be tireless in ruminating over the thorny issues that face us today in order to get the root of the problems that obstruct our path.”

“Lamb leaves behind an impressive track record wherever he goes.” said Wolf. “I’ve been following his career path very closely for some time and I’ve noticed that no matter what new direction Lamb takes takes he always leaves his mark. I’m quite confident that during his term in congress he will blaze a path hat others will surely follow. What I find most impressive about Lamb is his tireless hunger for the job. He is so full of fresh ideas.” said Wolf, “I just can’t wait to see where he finally ends up!”