Pantry Tips

Alive & Well Olives now offer Bay Area olive lovers both a well-cured and well-curated collection of six artisan olive varieties sourced from small family farms and village co-ops in Greece.

Raw heirloom-variety olives including: Kalamata, Rovies, Chalkidiki and Atalanti are cured without the use of chemicals, artificial brine, synthetic probiotic cultures, or lye and using traditional methods to  retain not just the depth of flavor that is so unique to each olive variey and region, but also the health benefits of the wild probiotics.

These exceptional olives are preserved only in a natural, nutrient-rich Mother Brine that is teemoing with the vital lactobacillus cultures nurtured during fermentation..
Meanwhile, riding the crest of a new wave of alt-sweeteners comes D”VASH with its trio of natural nectars and syrups extracted from organic California dates and organic North Carolina sweet potatoes. 

The non-GMO Project Verified sweeteners offers 25% less sugar than honey, and can be used in a variety of sauces and baked goods. The cayenne-infused date nectar, though confusing at first, can be used to both spice and sweeten-up a pickled salad of thinly sliced carrots, onions and minced cilantro leaves. Just add a touch of vinegar and sesame oil!