State of Our Plate


The Food Policy Action Education Fund launched its first annual State of the Plate report. The inaugural study analyzed what happened to our nation’s food system during Trump’s first year in office as the administration systematically overturned rules, policies, and regulatory tools designed to protect the health of workers, the stability of the environment, and the welfare of animals.

The panel discussion featured experts from across the food policy spectrum, examining regulatory ‘reforms’ and how these changes will affect our food system in the coming years.

The mission of Food Policy Action Education is to provide a platform for public education and engagement on the impacts of federal policy on the food system. It was established in 2012 through a collaboration of national food policy leaders in order to hold legislators accountable on votes that have an effect on food and farming.

To learn more, check out, a site designed to arm people with the information they need to elect more enlightened food policy leaders across the country.