Compassion Makes A Comeback!


The U.S 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has restored the California foie gras ban.The history of the statewide foie gras ban has been long and complex. It began back in February 2004 when John Burton introduced a bill banning the force-feeding of birds for the purpose of producing foie gras within California and prohibiting the selling of the actual product within the state starting in 2012 to give foie gras farmers several years in order to prepare for the transition.
Then, in July 2012, within days of when the ban took effect, a lawsuit to lift the ban was filed by restaurant and duck farming groups which led to the ban being lifted in January of 2015 based on the bizarre grounds that it interfered with federal law regulating poultry products and not on the subject of its inherent cruelty. Finally, in February of 2016, California Attorney General Kamala Harris filed an appeal to restore the foie gras sales ban leading to its reinstatement as of this month.