Shizen Vegan Sushi

At Shizen, San Francisco’s Vegan sushi bar and Izakaya, the line is often long enough to require a few warm-up drinks elsewhere in the neighborhood. Generally, patrons will arrive early, put their name down, and then wander off to spend time elsewhere in the Misson district until the restaurant texts them that a table is available.

The reward for this unusually long wait is a high-end, high-quality dining experience quite difficult to find elsewhere. Not only are the diverse Vegan sushi rolls here visually attractive, they are also balanced in flavor, thoughtfully-textured, and can be accompanied by some truly superlative vegan Potstickers and Ramen.

Leading rolls here include an earthy and crunchy Gobo (Burdock Root) and a piquant Secret Weapon, with mushroom tempura, spicy tofu, jalapeños, pineapple, and habaneros. Delightful desserts include a sweet Banana Tempura counterpointed by slightly tart Vegan blueberry ice cream.