Zuni Cafe



Carrying on the culinary legacy of their late great chef Judy Rogers, Zuni Cafe still remains a great spot in downtown San Francisco to slurp some impeccably Fresh Oysters or enjoy their well-celebrated Roasted Chicken set atop a salad of seasonal greens, garlic, scallions, currants, croutons and pine nuts in a piquant vinaigrette).

The menu here remains inspired by both traditional French and Italian cuisine, and the kitchen sources its produce and animal products from farms that raise their animals and harvest their produce in a sustainable manner.


One consistent menu highlight is their classic Polenta served with either Mascarpone or Parmaggiano.

Desserts here are superlative, such as the Crème Fraîche Panna Cotta With Wild Huckleberry Sauce pictured above. 


San Francisco: