“You may make good green sauce of a light concoction and easy digestion, which recreates the brain and exhilarates the animal spirits, rejoices the sight, opens the apetite, delights the taste, comforts the heart, tickles the tongue, cheers the countenance, strengthens the muscles, tempers the blood, refreshes the liver, disobstructs the spleen, eases the kidneys, quickens the joints of the back, cleanses the urine, dilates the spermatic vessels, purges the bladder, puffs up the genetories, hardens the nut, and rectifies the member.”  -Rabelais



“When making soup with vegetables of merely average quality try not to be carried away by feelings of dislike towards them nor to regard them too lightly; neither let yourself become too excited because you have been given superlative ingredients in order to make a special dish. Though you may love a particularly good meal, there is no reason to feel an aversion towards an ordinary one.” -Dogens Instructions to the Cook