Grow Ahead

Roughly 400 million smallholder farming families in the Global South produce over 70% of food (as measured by total calories) for the Global South and at least half, by the same measurement, of the food consumed globally.

Grow Ahead is a crowd-funding platform that supports small-scale family farmers to help them address climate change in their communities. By contributing through Grow Ahead, individuals and organizations can support climate resiliency initiatives that have a proven track record of success.

Small-scale farmers are among the most affected by climate change even though they produce very little greenhouse gas emissions themselves. In fact, Small-scale farmers practicing regenerative organic agriculture actually drawdown greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate global climate change.

Incredibly, small-scale farmers now receive little government or market support and safeguards making them vulnerable to increasing pest pressure, decreasing yields, and the effecgts of climate extremes.

The Grow Ahead campaign has also built upon existing efforts within the cooperative’s own reforestation program launched in 2000 to support small scale women producers in the cooperative on their efforts to achieve environmental restoration and reforestation goals.