"If we were strong enough to listen without
Divisions of desire and terror
To the storm of the sick nations, the rage of the hunger smitten cities,
Those voices also would be found
Clean as a child's; or like some girl's breathing who dances alone
By the ocean-shore, dreaming of lovers."

- Robinson Jeffers





    For Fritjof Capra, co-founder of the Center for Ecoliteracy, being ecologically literate means understanding the principles of the organization of ecological communities and then manifesting those principles in the daily life of one’s community.   “The great challenge of our time” writes Capra, “is to build and nurture sustainable communities that are designed […]

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Sustainable Seafood

In an update to its Seafood Watch standards, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has announced that farmed salmon certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), have advanced in their sustainable seafood ranking to a ‘Good Alternative’. The updated recommendation recognizes that ASC-certified farmed salmon aligns with many of Seafood Watch’s guiding principles for sustainable seafood production, […]

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