Farmer’s Choice!

Farmer’s Choice has announced an exciting addition to its line of all natural farm-style modifoods! Their brand new kid-size, multi-legged Minichickens™ will feature the very latest in Soft-bone™ technology!

“We wanted to give our kids real all-natural farm-style poltroid products”, said busy mom Mindy Meyerson.” But after sedating them for dinner we realized that the regular-sized drumsticks were simply too hard for them to hold and eat conveniently! Thats why we love these new Minichickens™, with their convenient pre-perforated snacklegs™. They’re so much easier for kids to simply grab and chew!”

Farmer’s Choice‘s multi-legged Minichickens™ will now come pre-packaged with real Farm-style Mini-Chicken Fixin’s™, including popular microwaveable Mini-Corn Earlets™ and crispy bite-sized Salad-Sticks™ with real Garden-Style™ dressing centers!”

Our modified Minichickens™ are also fully Flavor-Farmed™ using a patented Live Seasoning™ process” said Farmers Choice bioengineer Dale Redbone. “Cutting-edge technology gives the tiny yummy microfowl a huge flavor boost. Plus, they get plenty of healthy exercise swimming vigorously to survive daily inundations of our delicious smoky Ranch Style™ liquid spice!