Preston Viognier

Dry Creek Valley’s Preston Vineyards harvest their fruit early in order to keep their viognier bright and lively with an array of aromas including peach, melon and jasmine. The fruit is all certified organic and fermentation is initiated with native yeast.

In 1973 Lou and Susan Preston moved to what is now known as Dry Creek Valley inspired by the tenets of Rudolf Steiner. They introduced plantings of various fruit, nut, and olive trees both for oil and for curing, as well as extensive organic orchards and vegetables.

Over the past decade, the couple has also done something quite rare and laudable in the world of winemaking. They have ignored a growing demand for their wines and chosen to reduce their production in order to keep their focus exclusively on quality. To do this they have returned some of their vineyards back to pasture to nourish their chickens and sheep whch helps sustain the quality of the soil. As a result, their wine continues to be extraordinary, and local chefs arrive early to buy their lamb, hens, and produce at the Healdsburg Farmers Market.