Black Sears Zinfandel


Black Sears vineyard lies nestled high among wild oak forests at the top of Napa valley’s Howell Mountain. Far above the fog-line, at just over 2400 feet, fruit from this organically-cerifiesd vineyard is cultivated according to Biodynamic principles and practices.

With its deeply-purpled and opalescent hues, their Estate Zinfandel is a joy both to behold and imbibe. Peppery brambly notes on the palate combine with blackberry aromas tinged with hints of five-spice and clove.

Each sip offers up another quick trip to the top of Napa’s Howell mountain for a picnic basket of herbal influences, roasty-meaty notes and concentrated black fruit all wrapped in silky tannins. The brisk acidity inspired by the cool mountain air keeps the wine bright and toothsome through its long and lively finish.

Combining attentive vineyard practices at its lofty vineyard site with some truly superlative wine craft, Black Sears has crafted what is perhaps the most concentrated and complex Zinfandel yet produced in California.