Fennel Pollen


Fennel, a plant the ancient Greeks held as sacred to the God Dionysus, grows wild on the sunny coastal fields and hills of California. The Pollen found on the tiny yellow flowers can be blended with other spices to create an inspiring aromatic dry rub or seasoning for fish, fowl, or vegetarian entrees. The spice rubs also can be used as a delicate substitute for saffron in various rice dishes, or as an intriguing seasoning for potato salad.

Pollen Ranch is the leading collector and producer of Pollen products in California. Their intriguing spice-blends, which merge the aromatic essence of wild pollen with other aromatic herbs like Dill, are certified organic by CCOF.  

The company offers a nice Pollen Sampler Set including Three 1 Oz tins: Fennel Pollen, Dill Pollen, & Zen-Sational, (a salt-free blend) for $39.95.