Fair Trade Truffles


The rich and creamy chocolate covered truffles from Alter Eco contain organic, fair trade, single-source Ecuadorian cacao and coconut oil. This exquisite confection involves a thin chocolate shell filled with a smooth blend of coconut based chocolate ganache infused with a subtle salted caramel flavor that melts beautifully into a mouthful of hot coffee.

A company that earns kudos for both its sensual and social accomplishments, Alter Eco works directly with the small farmers who grow the source ingredients of their products (including Quinoa, Rice, Sugar and Cacao), to provide equitable and sustainable practices all along the supply chain. This commitment provides growers and workers vital benefits, both in the quality of food they source and the quality of life they live. They also work with their co-op partners to preserve heirloom grains and practice reforestation.