Cultured Nut Cheese



Vegan chef Miyoko Schinner longed for the range of flavors and textures she had known in her pre-vegan and cheese-loving days. After a few years of experimentation with fermented nut cultures she published a well-received book, Artisan Vegan Cheese. This was foillowed by the birth of Miyoko’s Kitchen, a line of cultured and seasoned cashew-nut-cheeses.

The company’s flavored faux-cheeses include a smoky Double Cream Sun Dried Tomato Garlic, an oniony Double Cream Chive, and an earthy French Style Winter Truffle. All can be enjoyed alone or used quite nicely in creamy non-dairy pastas.

One intriguing varieties suited to presentation on a Vegan Cheese Plate, include the Country Style Herbes De Provence, which comes attractively encrusted in dried sage, oregano, and lavender, the Fresh Loire Valley (swaddled in a fresh fig leaf), and an Aged English Smoked Farmhouse reminiscent of a salty smoked Gouda.