Vella Jack Cheese

Vella‘s Dry Aged Jack Cheese is a Bay Area culinary treasure prized for its sweet-sharp, slightly nutty character and a rind offering unique notes of black pepper and unsweetened cocoa. 

When the Franciscan friars living around Monterey California in the 19th century first started crafting a mild white cheese they could never have imagined that their cheesecraft would someday become permanently associated with the city. But when Scottish dairy-owner David Jack started marketing his own version of the friar’s cheese, first under the name “Jack’s Cheese”, and later as “Monterey Jack Cheese” that’s precisely what happened.

Small slices of this dense, crumbly, palate-stimulating dry aged cheese can be enjoyed with sliced avocado and fig jam atop thick slices of raisin-nut toast or served as a simple starter with wedges of the extraordinary olive bread from Berkeley’s Phoenix Pastificio. Or try using it with their wonderful handmade pasta as it makes a great local alternative to Parmigiano-Reggiano.