Artisan Vinegars


Superb in salads, magnificent in marinades, and simply resplendant when reduced into glazes, these small-batch artisan vinegars from Chaparral Gardens are crafted from organic produce grown along the central coast of California.

To craft the vinegar both fruits and herbs are placed into small vats along with an organic kosher base vinegar. Next, the “Mother” is added, and the infusion is left to undergo a fermentation that can take several months to achieve.

The bright acidity of the fruit sourced from the cool coastal microclmate results in vinegars that scintillate with flavor. Creative blending, and subtle infusions of herbs and spices both highlight and compliment the fruit.

The Blackberry Roasted Pepper Fruit Vinegar, which fuses flavors of blackberry, ancho chilis, and bell peppers, is perfect as a marinade for meats, or can be combined with red wine and then reduced into a sweet and smoky Jus.