Wilbur Hot Springs


 Wilbur Hot Springs lies at the end of a long road in a remote valley about two hours northeast of San Francisco. Here, where Patwin, Pomo, Wintun, and Colusi people once enjoyed these healing earth-warmed waters, the rolling hills are home to oak, pine, buckeye, redbud and manzanita.

Wild flowers also abound here,  including Poppies, Lupines, Larkspurs and Lilies, and in the skies above, you’ll spy eagles, herons, owls and hawks as thtey slowly ark and wheel.

Its hard to describe precisely what makes these mineral waters so profoundly redemptive. The effect is certainly enhanced by the silent beauty of the surrounding land as much as by the nature of the water.

Every hot spring contains its own unique mix of mineral elements but whatever the  particular chemistry involved, Wilbur’s earth-cocktail is clearly one of the most potent in all of California. 

The warm water here is channeled into three long stone basins where it flows continuously as you soak in silence.What could possibly be more relaxing?

A swimming pool and sauna is also available on the property, as are a variety of massage treatments and yoga classes. Though undoubtedly delicious and decidedly pricey meal plans are available here on “Guest Chef Weekends”,   guests can also simply take advantage of the well-appointed communal kitchen  to bring, store, and prepare their own food during the course of their stay.

“I set mine down, therefore: a matter of pigeons, a flight of chemicals, and a judgement of birds, in the hope that they will come to the eye of those who have retained a true taste of the marvelous, and who are capable of discerning in the flow of ordinary events the point at which the mundane world gives way to quite another dimension.” -Loren Eiseley