Wilbur Hot Springs


Wilbur Hot Springs lies at the end of a long road in a remote valley about two hours northeast of San Francisco. Here the waters once prized by Patwin, Pomo, Wintun, and Colusi people spring from deep within hills alive with oak, pine, buckeye, redbud and manzanita. 

Here, high above hillsides teeming with poppies, lupines and larkspurs, the eagles, herons, hawks and owls are always on the prowl. In the warmer months the beautiful dragonflies here are a wonder to behold.

Its difficult to describe precisely what makes these healing baths so redemptive. Its likely one part science and twelve parts mystery. One thing is for sure, the mineral-rich water gets channeled into three huge stone basins where guests soak up the silence.The bone-warming pleasure of lounging in a hot earth cocktail is enhanced by the serenity of the site.

A swimming pool and sauna are available, as are excellent massage treatments. These days pricey-tasty meal plans are alsoavailable on “Guest Chef Weekends”, but old-school guests will choose to take full advantage of a well-appointed communal kitchen to store, prep, and cook their own meals during their stay.