Osmosis Spa & Retreat


 Osmosis Day Spa & Retreat offers the healing benefits of a traditional Japanese-style Cedar Enzyme Bath in a garden sanctuary nestled on a quiet hillside not far from Bodega Bay.

The relaxing and detoxifying spa-treatment begins with tea in a private garden followed by immersion in a toasty, enzymatic, and highly aromatic bed of cedar-wood chips.

 After choosing from a variety of massage treatments, visitors can stroll quietly through the lovely Kyoto-style meditation gardens.


Past an ecologically integrated “constructed wetland’ designed with principles of permaculture in mind.


For half a dozen millenia these quiet hillsides were home to coastal Miwok and Pomo people.

“When people don’t use plants they get scarce.
You must use them so they come up again.
All plants are like that. If they are not gathered from,
or talked to, or cared about, they’ll die.”

                           -Mabel McKay, Pomo Elder and Dreamer