Osmosis Retreat


When the founder and owner of Osmosis Day Spa & Retreat, first experienced the healing benefits of a Cedar Enzyme Bath in Kyoto thirty years ago, he was inspired to create sustainable spa business that would be based on principles of right-livelihood.

Located in the little town of Freestone, the meditative and detoxifying experience at Osmosis begins with immersion in a toasty, composty, highly enzymatic, and very aromatic bed of wood chips. Once guests have spent an hour submerged in hot and healing enzymes they can enjoy one of a variety of massage treatments.

Today, Osmosis offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful and restful healing experience surrounded by Kyoto style meditation gardens. In 2006 a complete eco-renovation of the property was undertaken including the creation of a “constructed wetland’ designed as a way to recycle any gray water produced by the spa.


Once warmly chilled to the max, guests are encouraged to wander around the hilside for a while in order to reap some of the resident vibe. For ten millenia or so this area was the home of Coastal Miwok and southern Pomo people.

“When people don’t use plants they get scarce.
You must use them so they come up again.
All plants are like that. If they are not gathered from,
or talked to, or cared about, they’ll die.”

-Mabel McKay, Pomo Elder