Osmosis Spa & Retreat


Osmosis is a day spa/retreat in the beautiful town of Freestone California that offers a unique Cedar Enzyme Bath.This detoxifying and rejuvenating cleanse involves a few minutes of immersion in a toasty, composty, enzymatic, and aromatic bed of wood chips. That’s right , you are more or less medicinally mulched. After this unique treatment you can enjoy a long (and detailed) shower followed by a soothing massage.

Strollers note. Either before or after a treatment remember to save time for a nice leisurely stroll through the Japanese-style meditation gardens that begin behind the spa building and extend through the quiet gulch and up the hillside. These hills are the former home to coastal Miwok and southern Pomo people, and you can still feel the long history of attentive habitation that now permeates this evocative site.


When people don’t use plants they get scarce.
You must use them so they come up again.
All plants are like that. If they are not gathered from,
or talked to, or cared about, they’ll die.

-Mabel McKay, Pomo Elder