Vichy Springs


The springs at  Vichy Springs Resort & Country Inn, are located in the hills of Ukiah, about two and a half hours north of San Francisco. A favorite retreat of Jack London, these springs are the only naturally warm and carbonated Vichy-style mineral baths in North America and were a vital and sacred resource to the groups of extended families collectively called Pomo, who once made this area their home.

Not only are the waters here palliative for a variety of ailments including stomach acidity, ulcers, rheumatism and arthritis, but after just a three or four minute soak in the slightly fizzy warm water serves to dilate the body’s capillaries, and you feel deep sense of warmth and relaxation flooding through your body due to the increase in blood flow.

Europeans have long been familiar with the fact that waters of this type, with their high and balanced mineral content, can be very helpful to those with circulatory problems. The Vichy Baths in Europe, to which the modern name of these Springs now refer, date to the times of the Roman conquest of France.They were reputedly discovered by Julius Caesar’s armies when horses, depleted of minerals from the long march were revived by the waters.  

Ukiah is an Anglicization of “Yokayo” which means “deep valley” in the Pomo dialect. For over 5,000 years Pomo have used the mineral rich waters here to heal various physical ailments including stomach acidity, ulcers, rheumatism and arthritis.The springs themselves are estimated to be well over five million years old.