But there is heard

the patter of a little sad rain

in her heart's garden,

where some flower buds

that were once thinking of the sun

will never open,

because man keeps a little room

of oblivion in his soul.

           -Opal Whiteley

Garden Trophy

    Let the daring Nasturtium be the trophy of your garden. Originally of Peruvian descent, her beauty was once prized by the Incas as both a vegetable and a medicine, and her perpetual wanderlust means she will make herself at home anywhere there is sufficient moisture, sunlight, and good drainage. Though commonly called by […]

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Heirloom Seeds

Unlike the single-season hybrid seeds sold at most garden stores, open-pollinated seeds allow you to save the seeds from mature plants the cultivate again the following season. It is the traditional regenerative method used since the dawn of mankind and every gardener who cares about biodiversity should aspire to save seeds from each successive harvest […]

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