When people

don’t use plants

they get scarce.

You must use them

so they come up again.

All plants are like that.

If they are not gathered from,

or talked to, or cared about,

they die.

-Mabel McKay, Pomo Elder



Dandelions were first brought to this country by European colonists who used them to heal maladies of the liver, gall bladder, kidney and stomach. Its common name of pissabed, refers to the herb’s diuretic properties. It is also an excellent blood-purifier. Nicholas Culpeper in his 1653 work The Complete Herbal, praises the dandelion for its “opening […]

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Eat For A Change

A major improvement the health of the U.S. citizens could come from a relatively minor change in their dietary habits. According to an economic model developed at Purdue University designed to predict how U.S. farmers would respond to shifts in eating habits, if Americans simply ate fruits and vegetables at current USDA-recommended levels, U.S. farmers […]

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