Ode to Abalone

Andre, the Boulevardier

lifts up a stiff Negroni,

And makes this toast: “Pride of the Coast!

All hail the Abalone!”

That toothsome treat for Gastronomes

and all their tony cronies.

Prepared sashimi-style its known

to banish acrimony!

When butter-seared, the critics cheer,

so moved they oft get poemy;

For all chefs hail this holy grail

of snails, the Abalone!


And yet perforce they must be sourced

From aqua-farmers only,

who cherish most a healthy coast

when raising Abalone.


As Trevor Fay in Monterey,

down by the bay has shown me,

Sustainable in every way

his tray of Abalone.


And in a sort of snail resort,

his Gastropods find homey,

Tom Ebert down in Davenport

farms slow-grown Abalone. 

So skip the lobster or filet

for your next ceremony.

The pride of healthy kelply bays

Is tasty Abalone.


A sacred bounty of the sea,

Much prized by the Ohlone,

May they survive eternally,

The noble Abalone!