Zisha Clay Multi-Cooker

The VitaClay® Smart Organic Multicooker is a sleek and precise digital enclosure combined with a natural, unglazed Zisha clay pot. Natural Zisha clay is a unique and traditional cooking material formed by cleansing rainfalls that scrub the mountainsides in southern China. The clay contains minerals which help to retain both the flavor and texture of ingredients cooked in the unique vessel, sealing in vital nutrients and enzymes in the process. Both aluminum and lead free, the natural clay pot assures you that no non-stick chemicals will come in contact with your food.
Zisha clay’s exceptional capacity for moisture-retention also benefits any number of slow-cooked dishes. Take full advantage of the slow-cooker’s various low temperature settings including one for making probiotic-rich yogurt. There are also specific settings for white, brown, or sweet (sushi) rice.
An authentic kitchen essential, the VitaClay Organic Multicooker offers you a wonderful and traditional daily cooking pot made of natural organic clay housed in a sleek easy-to-clean enclosure providing both convenience and consistency.