World Agroforestry Congress


As the world explores ways to extract excess carbon out of the air, one of the fastest and most practical ways is via agroforestry, or integrating tree cultivation into the process of agriculture. Agroforestry raises crop and livestock yields, buffers valuable landscapes against the effects of climate change, nourishes the soil, and promotes a variety of farm-associated rural products from honey to timber.

On May 20-22, 2019 at Le Corum Conference Centre, Montpellier, France, the 4th World Congress on Agroforestry will convene more than 1000 delegates, keynote speakers, agroforesters, researchers and students from all over the world at the biggest agroforestry gathering on the planet.

Events scheduled throughout the city will bring agroforestry vividly to life. Field trips to surrounding agroforestry farms, tastings of agroforestry products, and many side events will fill a busy week.

The overall objective of the Congress is to contribute to the progress of agroforestry science and practice in order to bridge the science-policy gap. Major topics highlighted at the event include: agroforestry and climate change, food security and nutrition, adoption, and policy, with special attention to vulnerable countries and populations. Find moire information about attendance and registration here.