Humanely-Raised Animals


 “A significant part of the pleasure of eating is in one’s accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which food comes.”-Wendell Berry

Here are a few Northern California ranchers raising well-nurtured and pastured animals for the market:

Freestone Ranch is a small, family-owned ranch in western Sonoma County. They raise Black Angus cattle without the use of antibiotics, vaccines, or growth hormones. The herd’s primary ration is grass, supplemented with top-quality alfalfa, kelp meal, and sea salt for minerals.

Paicines Ranch is in the picturesque Cienega Valley, just fifteen minutes south of Hollister. Here they raise grass-fed cattle and sheep. No growth hormones, antibiotics, or chemical fertilizers are ever used.

Salmon Creek Ranch is a small, family-owned 200+ acre ranch on the Sonoma County coast, about 90 minutes north of San Francisco and two miles from the sea. They offer pasture raised, grass-fed Muscovy duckling, certified organic by CCOF. They also offer certified organic duck eggs and can ship anywhere in the U.S. via priority mail.

Sinclair Family Farm in Placer County sells pasture-raised lamb, pork and poultry. They use their own natural fertilizers and their eggs are vividly orange-yolked and delicious.

LeftCoast™ Grassfed offers is located just a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean in the lush, rolling hills of Pescadero.Their 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef is certified American Grassfed Association, Food Alliance, and Animal Welfare Approved. They never use pesticides or herbicides on any of their ranches.