Heirloom Art

The work of artists inspired to celebrate biodiversity will be on display at the Art of the Heirloom exhibition at the National Heirloom Expo. Held each September in Northern California, the Expo is a gathering of gardeners, food activists, educators, and farmers from around the country offering sources and lectures on heirloom seeds, the threat of GMO’s, and the wonder of natural diversity.

The exhibition also features a selection of art inspired by heirloom gardening, with a particular emphasis on illustrative, sculptural, abstract, concrete, or conceptual interpretations of heirloom seeds, heirloom gardening, or GMO-free activism.

Artists inspired to underscore the cultural importance of preserving biodiversity are invited to paint, draw, carve, embroider, collage, print, or etch images related to heirloom gardening and enter their work for exhibition. The Expo’s organizers, the Hudson Valley Seed Company, also use the art featured at the exhibition to illustrate their heirloom seed packs.