“Its called a “cannabanoid” because you cannot be annoyed when using it.” -Jabez Dawes

According to a 2011 peer-reviewed study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, on a per-square-foot basis, it takes 356 percent more energy to run a cannabis operation than it takes to operate a hospital. With patchwork regulations regarding pesticide use, the budding cannabis industry has a real responsibility to produce cannabis products in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

Flow Kana, a sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand “powered by small farmers”, pomotes itself as committed to  sustainable values via its “craft cannabis farming community”. Flow Kana specializes in boutique, small batch strains of select cannabis, uses mason jars for packaging and transport, and provides each jar with both designation of origin and farmer information,  

Wana Brands whose co-owner Nancy Whiteman, spoke recently at a NCIA Oakland Cannabis Business Summit panel discussion about the outlook for marijuana infused products, crafts her cannabis edibles to be both potent and delicious.Wana Brands has invested considerable efforts in refining its edibles in order to highlight their culinary appeal.