Taqueria De Amigos



If you ever find yourself driving along old Stage Road on the San Mateo coast, just off highway 101, your bound to pass by the quaint little town of Pescadero. Given its name it should really come as no surprise that this would be home to some of the best fish tacos in California.

Taqueria De Amigos sits inconspicuously inside a gas-station-mini-mart. If you can’t find it just lean out of the car window and ask anyone you see on the street (no, not that guy) for “the taco place”. They’ll undoubtedly know exactly what you are talking about.

Now go in and get in line. Send a friend to snag one of the four little tiny tables by that little salsa bar brimming with all of the requisite taco-toppings: pickled radishes, carrots, and peppers, fresh multi-colored salsas, and, of course, nice crispy chips. At about four bucks for a pair, these tiny but mighty soft fish tacos miraculously transform a mini-mart into a pescatarian’s paradise.

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