Y & Y




The Chicken Phở (Phở ga) at tiny Y&Y Vietnamese Restaurant on Clement street in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond, is artful in its simplicity. Bone-rich chicken broth is home to a generous portion of either simply-roasted or five-spice flavored chicken and rice noodles. Add your own assortment of crispy bean sprouts, fresh sawtooth or basil leaves, and the usual sundry assortment of sweet, savory and spicy condiments.




The Bánh Mì sandwich is also well-proportioned, with each bite of crispy baguette combining smoky five-spice-infused chicken, cool marinated cucumber slices, and spicy-sweet pickled carrots. The attentive staff at this neighborhood gem keep the place clean and the atmosphere lively with contented customers slurping away Phở-netically.

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