Trump’s Toxic Profiteers


An environmental catastrophe, Donald Trump has employed at Least 146 administration officials tied to toxic profiteering including lobbyists, lawyers, and former employees from the chemical industry all seeking to undo Obama-era regulations such as the Chemical Disaster Rule.

According to “Trump’s Chemical Romance,” a new Public Citizen report, in an effort to delay and weaken the Chemical Disaster Rule, groups representing chemical and petrochemical corporations, along with allies tied to coal-fired power plants and paper mills formed an alliance called the RMP Coalition, named for the  EPA’s “Risk Management Program,” the formal name for the Obama Era rule.

The 146 trump administration members with conflicting ties to the RMP Coalition, and the toxic profiteers they represent, includes 57 appointees with connections to the American Chemistry Council, and 92 appointees with ties to the chemical and petrochemical industries, including Dow Chemical Co., Arkema Inc., BP, Chevron Corp. and Koch Industries.

“Corporate insiders with chemical conflicts have contaminated the Trump administration,” said Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D., an organizer with Public Citizen’s Texas Office. “The polluter-friendly regulatory rollback Trump’s EPA is seeking is a disaster for bot the public and first responders.”