Imperfect Produce


Want to score mad kudos with ethically censorious friends and relatives? How about giving them the gift of anti-gaspillage? That’s what the French call the fight against food waste or gaspillage alimentaire. Leave it to the French to make even waste sound appetizng.

 The folks at Imperfect Produce are now offering a gift certificate for a subscription to their service that you can send to a friend. The company sources “ugly” produce straight from farms and delivers it to your door for 30-50% less than grocery store prices. Each box is full of produce that might not be visually stunning, but is both perfectly nutritious and perfectly unique, just as it should be. 

Using the service helps reduce food waste, and your food budget significantly. Currently 20% of “imperfect” produce never makes it off of farms due to a corporate-induced obsession with convention that is designed to denature “consumers” from the organic and evanescent realities of life.

The boxes range between $12/month to $43/month and are completely customizable, offering the customer the ability to specify a box of organic-only produce in a size of their choosing. You must remember to specify organic since they also provide this service for conventional produce. The boxes are currently available for delivery in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, Portland, and Seattle.