Trump’s Toxic Splurge

  The Tump administration’s culturally toxic deregulatory splurge is designed both to decimate the environment, undermine workers rights, and fatten Trump’s wallet. According to a recent report from Public Citizen and U.S. Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.), conflicts of interest stemming from Trump’s refusal to divest from his business empire before taking office have set the stage for unprecedented opportunities for the president to profit by destroying or undermining protections against the environment or low-wage workers.

According to Deregulating for Dollars: How Donald Trump’s Reckless Anti-Regulation Agenda Could Boost His Own Pocketbook, key regulationa now at risk from Trumps profiteering at the expense of the public interest include:

1) EPA rules to protect Americans’ drinking water and ban chlorpyrifos, a toxic pesticide. Golf course oppose these rules largely because they restrict pesticide use. Trump owns 12 golf courses in the U.S..

2) Department of Labor rules to expand overtime pay and strengthen the rights of workers employed through staffing firms and contractors. Hotel and restaurant owners are among the business interests opposing these rules and, unsurprisingly, a significant portion of the Trump Organization’s 22,450 employees are hotel and restaurant workers.

The report also provides clear examples of anti-corruption restrictions, consumer protections and worker protections that would be rolled back under Trump to the potential benefit of his own companies. It also notes Trump’s potential conflicts of interest relating to an affordable housing program from which he and his family profit, and details how Trump stands to gain from new restrictions on class-action lawsuits and tax cuts designed to benefit corporations and the rich.