Achadinha’s Goat Cheese

Achadinha‘s Jim Pacheco is a third generation dairyman on both sides of his family. In 2000 Jim and his wife, Donna began to produce cheese.  Along with their four children they run the dairy as both a family business and a labor of love.

Donna feeds her goats (whom she calls her “girls”) a high alkaline diet making the resultant cheese easier to digest and healthier to consume. The “girls” are not fed corn, as the Pacheco’s have found that their goat’s bodies cannot digest it and it also shortens their lifespan by at least 3 years. Instead they feed them brewer’s grain front Bear Republic and Russian River Brewing Company. The touch of alcohol in the fermented grain puts the goats in a perpetually good mood and the yeast provides them a great deal of additional nutrition.

The Pacheco’s do not use pesticides in the pasture or give the “girls” hormones. Seasonality strongly effects the flavors found in the cheese according to what the “girls” are eating. In the winter months you can taste the sweetness from the grass, in the summer you can taste the bitterness from the brewers grain.

You can find Achadinha’s fine cheese products at Farmers Markets throughout the Bay area.