Edible Extracts

Not only are edibles a healthier way to ingest THC, than smoking, but these days they need not be confined to sugary cookies or confections. Absolute Xtracts’ is a line of THC Honey Straws (not to be confused with honey-oil), offering cannabis-infused honey packed in handy little straws. The honey-straws contain a cannabis extract that is 70% active THC and provide great convenience and discretion as you can either empty the straws into tea or yogurt, or surreptitiously sip from them directly a when on the go. Available in both Indica and Sativa varieties, and in quantities of 10 mg, 20 mg or 40 mg, their organically grown California cannabis extract is paired with high quality honey. Obviously, responses to these products will vary according to tolerance levels so its always good idea to start with the smallest dose first and test your reaction attentively. 

Another cannabis company producing quality edibles is Wana Brands. The company’s co-owner Nancy Whiteman, (who spoke recently at a NCIA Oakland Cannabis Business Summit panel discussion about the outlook for cannabis-infused products), says her goal is to craft edibles that are both potent and delicious. To this end her company has recently invested considerable efforts in refining their products in order to highlight their culinary as well as their, shall we say, cannabistic appeal.


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