The Dutch have a rather droll expression for sudden unexpected good fortune. “You really fell with your nose in the butter!” they’ll exclaim. The phrase could also aptly describe the rare delight of owning a hand-powered butter churn from Churncraft.

Winner of a prestigious Red Dot Award for product design, this sturdy glass churn is artfully designed for optimal churning.The graceful arm with its polished wooden handle rotates a corresponding paddle that whirls within the heavy glass jar in iorder to thicken the cream with compressed air.

To make exquisite fresh butter all that is required is to somehow keep churning past the seductive whipped-creamed stage.

If you can manage this feat you will arrive at the rich and rarefied butter-cluster stage. Now simply use a wooden spoon or one of the handy wooden paddles provided with the churn to press the rich clustered mass of proto-butter against acolander in order to remove the excess liquid.

This protein-rich liquid or whey, can now be cultured into buttermilk or used to add flavor, body and protein to a variety of baked goods.

Fresh-churned buttermilk ls not only more flavorful than the store-bought variety. It is also sweeter, less acidic, and has a slightly thinner consistency.