O mossy quince, hanging by your stalk,
From which no man dare pluck away nor take,
Of all the folk that pass there by, or walk,
Your flowers fresh be fallen away and shake.
I am right sorry, master as, for your sake,
You seem a thing that all men have forgotten;
You be so ripe, you wax almost rotten.
-Geoffrey Chaucer






butterflyWe learn from our gardens to deal

with the most urgent question of the time:

How much is enough?

-Wendell Berry

Garden Trophies

  Originally of Peruvian descent, the lovely and delicious Nasturtium was once highly prized by the Incas as both a vegetable and a medicine. Colorful and self-reliant, Nasturtiums will gladly make themselves at home in any garden offering sufficient water, good light, and proper drainage. Though their common Latinate name Nasturtium translates as “nose-twister” in […]

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Feeding the Soil

  California has launched the nation’s first program to provide financial incentives to farmers and ranchers for improving soil health as a climate strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering atmospheric carbon. The Healthy Soils Program, run by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), will grant approximately $7 million to farmers and […]

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