butterflyWe learn from our gardens to deal

with the most urgent question of the time:

How much is enough?

-Wendell Berry

Garden Trophies

  Originally of Peruvian descent, the lovely and delicious Nasturtium was prized by the Incas as both a vegetable and a medicine. Engaging and self-reliant, Nasturtiums will make themselves at home in any garden where there’s sufficient water, sunlight, and drainage. Though the common Latinate name Nasturtium translates as “nose-twister” in reference to the delicately […]

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Feeding the Soil

  California has launched the nation’s first program to provide financial incentives to farmers and ranchers for improving soil health as a climate strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering atmospheric carbon. The Healthy Soils Program, run by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), will grant approximately $7 million to farmers and […]

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