We learn from our gardens to deal

with the most urgent question of the time:

How much is enough?

-Wendell Berry

Dandelion Delights

Dandelions were first brought to this country by European colonists who used them to heal maladies of the liver, gall bladder, kidney and stomach. The herb was once known by the instructive name of pissabed in reference to the plants diuretic properties, which make it such an excellent blood-purifier.   Nicholas Culpeper in his 1653 work […]

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Saving Bees

  To make a prairie it takes a clover and a bee, One clover and a bee, And revery, The revery alone will do, If bees are few. -Emily Dickenson   The health of our global garden hangs upon the health and vitality of bees and other key pollinators. Over the last few years wild […]

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Wilbur Hot Springs

  Wilbur Hot Springs lies at the end of a long road in a remote valley about two hours northeast of San Francisco. Since 1865, folks have been shedding their clothes to enjoy these mineral-rich waters known for their bone-warming and detoxifying properties.  Here, where shy deer lurk between trees and dragonflies hoveer and hum […]

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