"The dark fields do not give fruit continuously, nor are trees accustomed to bear an equal wealth of fragrant flowers in every circling year, but rather in alternation. Therefore the race of mortal man is led by Fate. No clear sign arrives from Zeus. And though we embark on bold endeavors, long for glorious deeds, our limbs adorned with shameless hope, the streams of foresight still lie out of reach. And so we must hunt for due measure in our love of gain. For the madness of unattainable desires is too sharp." -Pindar

Art of Tea

  Tea began as a medicine, grew into a beverage, and eventually matured as an art. In China, during the eighth century, drinking tea was considered one of the “polite amusements”, a pursuit akin to poetry, and in Japan during the 15th century it was practiced as a ceremonial form of aestheticism, known as Teaism. […]

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Pumpkin Ice Cream

  Cut a small pumpkin into large chunks and remove the strings and seeds. Steam the pumpkin on a steaming rack in a large pot over boiling water until the pulp is soft, (usually this takes about half an hour). Let the pumpkin cool slightly and scrape the pulp from the skin. Now blend the […]

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