Certified Truth™


The Certified Truth™ Label is a new designation of authenticity established by the U.S. Office of Patented Truths, allows fact producers a new way to indicate that a news product or  other “factoid” has met the strict truth standards of the government. According to the Whitehouse, “The Certified Truth™ Label may only be displayed on news or media sites that comply with specific rules and obligations as set forth by the Certified Truth Label guidelines.

Certified Truth™ Label Guidelines

Use of the label is restricted to media outlets and influencers who have signed an agreement of usage with the Certified Truth™Foundation.

If a media outlet or News Producer wishes to present the Certified Truth™Label on their news products in a manner other than as described in the Certified Truth™Label guidelines, The Certified Truth™Foundation Inc. must also provide prior permission in writing.

News Producers or influencers may use the Certified Truth™Label on news products only if their current editorial calendar has  been privately audited and certified by an on-site Certified Truth™Certifier. Applications to become an on-site Certified Truth™Certifier are available via the Certified Truth™Foundation Inc. (CTFI) website.

To complete the process of becoming a Certified Truth™certifier, applicants must sign an affidavit stating their fidelity to the Certified Truth™ Foundation Inc. (CTFI), and to provide appropriate fidelity statements in a timely manner. The Certified Truth™ Foundation Inc. reserves the right to revoke its certification of truthfulness at any time.