Certified Truth Labels

In response to the proliferation of “Fake News”, the newly created Office of Presidential Reality (OPR) has announced it will be granting an official Certified Truth Label (CTL) to selected news organizations, media outlets, and independent journalists who have demonstrated that they are in full compliance and fidelity with the standards of reality as set forth by the Whitehouse. In order to provide news applicants with CTL assistance, the OPR has now published the following guidelines on its website.
Certified Truth Label Guidelines

1. News producers, media outlets and independent journalists who wish to display the  Certified Truth Label on their respective publications, websites, or media channels must first be in possession of a signed CTL license agreement bearing the official seal of the OPR.

2. If a news producer, media outlet, or independent journalist wishes to submit a request to become eligible to display the CTL label, it must first provide the OPR its current annual editorial calendar, along with a signed Affidavit of Compliance and Fidelity ( AFC ).

3. All requests for certification must be submitted 180 days prior to publication of the intended news story and editorial calendars will be scrutinized for no less than 90 days prior to OPR’s final approval.The OPR also reserves the right to revoke the CTL at any time.

4. Certified news producers and journalists who wish to continue to display their CTL in association with ongoing news coverage of the president must undergo a monthly truth review and recertification process as regulated by the OPR.

5. CTL applications, supplemental OPR guidelines, and AFC forms are all currently available as downloadable PDF’s from the OPR website.