Climate Justice Remarks


The Climate Justice Alliance, an alliance of urban and rural frontline organizations  advocating for more resilient, regenerative and equitable economy has offered the following response to a recent climate change plan introduced by Democratic Senator Michael Bennet.

“Colorado Senator Bennet’s plan to address the climate crisis includes some interesting ideas. However, his overall plan falls short on specifics. Addressing the climate crisis requires specific declarations including a commitment to a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure, ending extractive practices like fracking once and for all, and rejecting false solutions such as carbon markets, carbon offsets and industrial carbon capture and sequestration.

Given his plan’s emphasis on the protection and use of federal lands, CJA hopes that Sen. Bennet will be clear with all of us on where he stands on these issues, as well as the free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous peoples for all decisions that affect them and their traditional territories.

Those hit first and worst by the climate crisis are everyday people who experience racism, sexism, economic disenfranchisement, disparities in education and lack of access to safe, non-toxic and affordable housing at the hands of some of the worst and wealthiest corporate actors and big oil barons. 

In order to effectively confront climate change without sacrificing communities on the frontlines, we must make a just transition towards more localized systems that are sustainable, resilient, and equitable. Based on Sen. Bennett’s plan, at this time, it does not appear that he is clear on the necessity of these critical details. 

We invite the Bennet campaign to look to the innovative projects and policies coming from frontline communities and city and state governments throughout the country. Many have already begun implementing genuinely safe and renewable solutions that ensure no communities are left behind.”