The Dutch have a droll expression for sudden unexpected good fortune. “You really fell with your nose in the butter!” they’ll exclaim. Perhaps the same sentiment should be applied to the sheer delight of owning a hand-powered butter churn from Churncraft.


Winner of a prestigious Red Dot Award for product design, this sturdy glass churn has all the curves and control you need to make your next butter-making endeavor a breeze.The graceful arm and polished wooden handle rotate with surprising ease, allowing the paddle to whirl inside the heavy glass jar and thicken the cream within.

The churn’s svelte form also provides you ample handholds to help keep the jar in place and thus maintain a steady rhythm right on through the first miraculous appearance of whipped cream and into the even more rarefied stage when the fat in the cream binds together into dense little butter clusters.

At that point, you just open up the churn, remove all the clustered butter-fodder and, using either a wooden spoon or the handy wooden paddles provided, press the rich mass through a colander. This will separate the butter from the protein-rich liquid which you can then culture into buttermilk, or use to enhance a variety of baked recipes.


Fresh-churned buttermilk ls more sweet, less acidic, and has a thinner consistency than the store-bought variety. The quality of both your butter and buttermilk will depend largely upon the quality of the cream with which you started so its obviously important to source out the best local and organic dairy products available in your area.





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