The Vita Clay® Smart Organic Multicooker has an interior liner made from natural, unglazed Chinese Zisha Clay, requiring very little (if any) oil for cooking and naturally sealing-in the nutrients and natural juices of your food. The clay pot sits snugly inside a sleek aluminum housing offering both a digital timer and thermometer.




Natural Zisha clay is a unique cooking medium. It is formed by cleansing rainfalls that scrub the mountains in southern China, releasing minerals into the clay that help retain heat and moisture. This, in turn helps retain both flavor and texture in rice and grains as they cook.

The combination crockpot and slow-cooker has various settings for white, brown and sweet (sushi) rice. The beauty of this device is that once the rice is cooked it retains its moisture in the pot due to the absorbant quality of the clay. This product is a very successful fusion of traditional elements and modern efficiency.