Grain Meat


Sometime in the 7th century while making dough from wheat flour in a tub of cold water monks in China noticed that the more they kneaded the flour the more the starches dissipated. They kept kneading and were eventually left with a chewy protein-like substance which they called Mien Ching or Buddha’s food, which they then simmered in broth for several hours to lend additional flavor

Later, Mien Ching made its way to Japan where chefs adapted the product into what they called Fu and flavored with shoyu, kombu and ginger to create what Macrobiotics founder George Oshawa later called Seitan.

Finally, sometime in the 1970’s Seattle Chef David Lee added a European flavor-profile to his own Seitan creating Field Roast.

This spring, in honor of its 20th anniversary, Field Roast Grain Meat Company has announced some new frozen products that are noteworthy not for their convenience factor but for the higher-level of quality they bring to the “convenience” food aisle of a growing number of retail outlets across the country.

Their new product-line is an extension of the their longstanding line of veggie-roast-burger-sausage and, more recently, faux-cheese products. Foodism has long-praised the company for its exceptionally versatile line of veggie sausages that can be crumbled and pan-fried with proper accompaniments into a very respectable Vegan Bolognese. Field Roast products are also quite high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and offer both restrained flavor balance and a pleasing texture.