Backstreet Kitchen





Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen is well worth a visit as you wind your way through the wine country. Perched on a quiet backstreet in downtown St. Helena, the restaurant features locally-sourced and superbly prepared seasonally-focused cuisine.

Owner, Chef Cindy Pawlcyn, a core exponent of what is now referred to by the hackneyed phrase “farm-to table philosophy”, Cindy is also the renowned culinary force behind Mustards Grill, and Cindy’s Waterfront. Pawlcyn has remarkable skill in producing sumptuous food in a warm, open-hearted atmosphere. The staff is all charming and the food here is highlighted by some of Northern California’s best wines.

Try the old-school grilled oysters here topped with spinach, asiago cheese, garlic, and cognac, they are broiled briefly before arriving at your table, still sizzling, to be paired up with, say, some crisp cold-climate Chardonnay from Sonoma’s chilly coast. For dessert you might indulge yourself in a dauntingly decadent Campfire Pie composed of toasted marshmallow-meringue heaped on an oreo-cookie inspired crust.